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Recycled Carbon Fiber

From Recycle to Renew

What is Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material with semiconducting properties and chemical inertness, and its weight is only a quarter of iron, even lighter than aluminum alloy. Its strength is five to ten times greater than steel along with high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. The low coefficient of friction, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance also have great potential in field application because of these excellent performances.

Carbon fibers are generally added to resins as reinforcing materials to form composite materials and then processed into varies products. It can be used in thermal insulation materials, reinforcement of aeronautical structural, electromagnetic shielding and static elimination, and electronic product shells in various fields.

Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber

At present, the manufacture of carbon fiber is using carbon-containing organic fibers (nylon filaments, acrylic filaments, and rayon) as raw materials, then made by carbonizing and activating of organic fibers and plastic resins at a certain temperature. Since carbon can only be melted at a temperature above 3000 degrees Celsius and its hydrophobic nature makes it difficult to dissolve in various solvents, so far it has not been possible to manufacture carbon fibers only with carbon.

Why Use Recycled Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber manufacturing process requires high temperature to produce new carbon fiber, which will generate 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per tons of carbon fibers, and most carbon fibers manufacture process will generate about 30% of leftovers during the process, and the carbon fiber composite waste is difficult to completely incinerated. Therefore, its relatively serious for air and soil pollution.


The pyrolysis technology provided by THERMOLYSIS CO., LTD can regenerate carbon fiber waste or leftovers, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of new products but also greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It can be mixed with other materials to provide a sustainable Carbon fiber composite material.


Surfaces are clean and undamaged

Resin residue is low, product purity can reach 99%

Excellent Recycling Technology

UL2809 Recycled Content Certification

The product has obtained the third-party certification of green materials

Became the first carbon fiber material manufacturer with UL certification in Taiwan

UL2809 Certificate_291708.jpg


Recycled carbon fiber products

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封面Thermolysis Product Catalog(日文)-20230814.jpg


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