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We are excited to share this honor – Thermolysis was presented with the Gold Award at the 2024 Green World Awards, hosted by THE GREEN ORGANISATION in the UK.

We‘re proud to announce we’ve been shortlisted as a finalist at the JEC Composites Startup Booster competition.

Among 200+ applicants, Thermolysis was selected as one of the 20 finalists of 2023.

GO_Green World Awards-CERTIFICATE-2024 THERMOLYSIS_page-0001.jpg



Assist products to improve rigidity and light weight with lower carbon emissions

Solving Power and waste Water Problems with Supercapacitors and Capacitive Deionization

Use recycled carbon fiber to manufacture a variety of Sports and leisure products.

Thermolysis Co., Ltd.

Thermolysis Co., Ltd. leads the world in the research of microwave-lysis technology, and applies it to the most challenging carbon fiber recycling work, providing the most efficient and clean solution. We hope that our recycling technics can continue to promote the continuous usage and recycling of carbon fiber, an excellent material in aerospace, composite materials, fuel cells, green energy, medical and military.

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