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Recycled Carbon Fiber Non-Woven

Using THERMOLYSIS's exclusive technology to produce 100% recycled carbon fiber with no impurities on the surface, combined with superb needle-punching technology, the recycled carbon fiber nonwoven mat production is environmentally friendly and energy saving.

This product can be customized to meet the application of downstream products, adding different proportions of chemical fibers according to the needs, and making it into thermoplastic boards and hot-pressed products. Thermosetting resins can also be used it is impregnated with carbon fiber mat to form prepreg.


  • Made of 100% recycled carbon fiber.

  • Environmentally friendly materials, assisting companies realize ESG commitments.

  • Thermoplastic polymer materials can be added as requested.

  • The basis weight and thickness are stable (120-250 g/m²).



資產 11_72x-8.png


Impregnated with resin to become prepreg

資產 12_72x-8.png


Lightweight Material

資產 9_72x-8.png


Reinforcement Material

資產 10_72x-8.png

Thermoplastic remolding

Can be combined with thermoplastic resins

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