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Carbon Material

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What is activated carbon

Activated carbon is a carbonaceous substance with a porous structure. Due to the fine and well-developed pores inside, it has a huge surface area, with a surface area of 1,000 cubic meters per gram, so it can be used as an excellent adsorption material.


Activated carbon has a wide range of applications and is used in almost all economic activities and daily life. It can be used in gas purification (masks for filtering suspended particles), water treatment (seawater desalination or sewage treatment), industrial processes (precious metal recovery) and medical treatment (gas masks or adsorption of anesthetic drugs).

Manufacture of Activated Carbon

Most of the materials are obtained from lignin or agricultural waste (nut shells, palm tree, coconut shell), which are carbonized at a certain temperature and then activated at a higher temperature. In this way, the residual substances accumulated in the pores of activated carbon are removed and the high surface area and large pore volume is produced.

Advanced application

Due to the impact of extreme weather, various resources are scarce today. For example, hot weather has led to a surge in electricity demand, drought has caused water consumption to be limited, and various people's livelihood needs have problems now. To meet the needs of power supply and water use, the company has further applied activated carbon to electrode materials for supercapacitors and capacitive deionization technologies.

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Porous structure of activated carbon

The internal hole can be divided into three types according to the radius of the pores.

Macropore >50nm;Mesopore 2-50nm;Micropore < 2nm

The principle of absorb way

The adsorbate can be attached to the adsorbent in three ways: gaseous state, liquid state, or solution. The activated carbon used as adsorption can accumulate a large amount of adsorbate because of its internal pores.

The principle of absorb way_72x-8.png

The company's current research direction

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