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A new cooperation model to flip the carbon fiber industry

Effectively recycling carbon fiber waste and making it into recycled products to saves the production costs, as well as saving energy and reduce carbon emissions. Whether you're sourcing recycled carbon fiber or disposing of carbon fiber waste, we have a solution.

We offer three cooperation models



Mode 1

According to the types of carbon fiber waste of your company, we provide methods for processing and recycling, and work with you to develop carbon fiber recycled products exclusively for your company.


Cooperation Mode 2

If your company has no demand for recycled products, we will assist you in disposing of end-of-life waste, saving you high disposing costs and fulfilling company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


Cooperation Mode 3

By purchasing our carbon fiber recycled products, we can further provide customized types, sizes, carbon fiber content, i.e. thermoplastic types.

Join hands to create a market for carbon fiber recycling products

We recycle, regenerate and reuse carbon fiber and work with you to find valuable uses. At a time when environmental protection regulations in various countries are becoming stricter, the adoption of recycling technology and the use of recycled products can not only help you save costs in the manufacturing process, but also demonstrate your company's emphasis on corporate social responsibility and enhance its social image.

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