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About Us

Thermolysis Co., Ltd. established in 2016. Our core business is the application and development of microwave heating technology, and we are constantly striving for perfection. The proprietary technology "Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis, MAP" originated from two companies, Norway's MicroFuel AS and Scandinavian Biofuel Company. The technology was supported by The EU 7th Framework Programme from 2009 to 2012 and currently has patents in 19 countries around the world.


In addition of exclusive patent authorization, Thermolysis Co., Ltd has further improved and optimized its technics to meet commercialization needs. We are committed to advance for higher efficiency and zero pollution procedures , providing cleaner and higher value of products.


We believe that innovation is the key to bring the company and the world to a better place.


We focus on the development and application of microwave pyrolysis technology, and constantly try and improve the technology and enhance the performance, thereby expanding our product range. We have product patents, knowledge for pyrolysis tech, experience and factories to make laboratory concepts all the way into commercial products.

Image by Ousa Chea

R&D and innovation are the foundation of enterprises

Research and Innovate with us

We are enthusiastic and fearless to any challenges from various fields, open mind  to any new procedures and actively seeking for feasible methods. We provide customers with a comprehensive process, from initial concept in laboratory to product testing, follow-up to production trial and finally to full-scale manufacture.


We have experienced R&D personnel and operating teams to provide the most suitable cooperation mode according to the needs of customers

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