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Recycled Carbon Fiber Paper

Made of 85% recycled carbon fiber and 15% chemical fiber. The smooth and homogeneous surface is easy to combine with various thermosetting and thermoplastic resins to make various composite materials.


The recycled product still retains the excellent performances of carbon fiber, such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, air permeability, and high mechanical strength.


At present, carbon fiber paper is mostly used as reinforcing material such as the interlayer of supporting board, it can also be used as gas diffusion layer material in fuel cells.


  • Made of 100% recycled carbon fiber.

  • Environmentally friendly materials, assisting companies realize ESG commitments.

  • The surface is smooth, and filaments are evenly dispersed which is convenient for subsequent processing.

  • The thickness and basis weight of the paper are stable (40-70 g/m²).



資產 11_72x-8.png


Impregnated with resin to become prepreg

資產 12_72x-8.png


Lightweight Material

資產 9_72x-8.png


Reinforcement Material

資產 10_72x-8.png

Thermoplastic Remolding

Can be combined with thermoplastic resins

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