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2024/04/25 Thermolysis introduces a recycled carbon fiber bicycle water bottle cage and is now available for sale on Amazon.

Thermolysis has launched a bicycle water bottle cage made from recycled carbon fiber, using 30% recycled carbon fiber and high-strength PA6 material, which combines environmental friendliness, lightweight construction, and aesthetic appeal. The exterior of the water bottle cage features a unique carbon fiber weave pattern, showcasing the distinctive weave texture of carbon fiber fabric. The recycled carbon fiber material used boasts mechanical properties comparable to virgin fibers and has undergone rigorous durability testing. After undergoing 30,000 continuous vibrations at a rate of 240 times per minute, there were no signs of breakage or damage. Tensile strength tests demonstrate that the water bottle cage can withstand pulling forces of up to 4 kilograms, making it perfectly suited for the typical force exerted by cyclists when removing their water bottles.

The "RCF" brand introduced by Thermolysis is a fully responsible green brand. The RCF series of products all use recycled carbon fiber processed by Thermolysis as the material, designed and manufactured to produce high-quality products that maintain lightweight characteristics while possessing excellent mechanical strength. In the past, carbon fiber composite materials were seen as non-recyclable, but Thermolysis has overcome this challenge with its own technology. Not only has it successfully recycled carbon fiber, but it has also used this as a foundation to transform it into high-quality recycled products, creating a range of carbon fiber products that can be fully recycled.

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