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2024/02/26 Thermolysis is looking forward to showcasing its new green products at the world's largest composite materials exhibition, JEC World 2024.

JEC World is the world's largest composite materials exhibition, featuring the latest technologies and applications in raw materials, processes, and finished products. Looking at 2023, it's clear that numerous manufacturers are prioritizing and investing in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, carbon neutrality, and the circular economy.

Last year marked Thermolysis' debut at the event, where we highlighted our expertise in recycling and large-scale production of recycled carbon fiber, accompanied by a range of easily processed recycled products. Additionally, we enthusiastically took part in the Startup Booster competition and were proud to stand out among 500 participants, securing a spot in the top 20.

This year, Thermolysis is back in Paris, unveiling our new brand RCF and showcasing an array of eco-friendly products crafted from recycled materials, emphasizing our commitment to complete recycling.

We hope that Thermolysis' commitment to environmental sustainability will garner greater recognition from customers, while also showcasing to the international community the dynamism of Taiwanese companies in the realms of environmental protection and innovation.

Thermolysis launches fully recyclable products using recycled carbon fiber, continuing to promote the carbon fiber industry towards a circular economy

To dispel the misconception that composite materials cannot be recycled, Thermolysis is dedicated to developing a range of products that can be entirely recycled, utilizing recycled materials as a foundation. We are pleased to announce the establishment of a socially responsible green brand, "RCF". This brand designs and produces a range of bicycle accessories and daily necessities, using carbon fiber recycled by Thermolysis.

The product lineup of the RCF brand comprises bicycle accessories, including bottle cages, pads, seats, cycling shoe boards, light stands, and fenders. All these products are crafted from Thermolysis' recycled carbon fiber, ensuring not only their lightweight characteristics but also retaining excellent mechanical strength.

Thermolysis is committed not only to crafting innovative products but also to assuming responsibility for our products. We pledge to implement comprehensive recycling measures for all future productions, thereby ensuring environmental integrity and furthering the promotion of carbon fiber recycling.

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