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Using total recycled

carbon fiber


Carbon Fiber Recycled Products


Thermolysis Co., Ltd. can customize carbon fiber nonwoven mat with different characteristics according to customer requirements, such as weight, size, surface condition, etc. We will consistently promote for higher quality, innovation enthusiastic and service to meet customer needs.


Our main business project : using recycled carbon fiber yarn to make "Recycled carbon fiber functional paper", "recycled carbon fiber nonwoven mat", or "recycled carbon fiber plastic pellets" adjustably.


Thermolysis Co., Ltd.

Thermolysis Co., Ltd. leads the world in the research of microwave-lysis technology, and applies it to the most challenging carbon fiber recycling work, providing the most efficient and clean solution. We hope that our recycling technics can continue to promote the continuous usage and recycling of carbon fiber, an excellent material in aerospace, composite materials, fuel cells, green energy, medical and military.

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