PROJECT 3 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Recycling carbon fiber


The global market for carbon fiber increases continually and puts a new emphasis on the role of carbon fiber recycling in the development of the industry. The process from manufacturing carbon fiber to production of finished components is wasteful; it is estimated that more than 30% of produced carbon fiber ends up as waste at some point in the process. Where the carbon fiber composites industry most differs from other industries that produce high proportions of waste is that it lacks an effective recycling solution.


Producing recycled carbon fiber requires one tenth of the energy needed for virgin material. Reclaimed and recycled carbon fiber is a low-cost alternative to virgin material for applications.


Thermolysis offers equipment and solution for companies to recycle carbon fibers, particularly those impregnated with resin. We has developed a process for recycling carbon fiber-reinforced components. We take the carbon fiber reclaimed from scrapped parts and apply it to create new products.


Our goal is to keep carbon fiber waste out of landfills and to fill a potential gap between carbon fiber supply and demand. We are aim to boost the carbon fiber industry and to protect the environment.